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About Us 




Our mission is to provide our clientele with superior service that is in line with their ever changing security and protection needs. PPS IX Security Services recognizes that in order to achieve our mission we must display and execute the Code of Ethics for Security Officers:


Code of Ethics for Security Officers


In recognition of the significant role of my employer, in the deterrence of crime and loss prevention & protection of assets and persons I pledge: 

1.) To accept the responsibilities and fulfill the obligations of my role in protecting life and property; preventing and reducing losses and crimes against  my employer and its clients, upholding the law, and respecting the constitutional rights of all persons.

2.) To conduct myself as a Security Officer with honesty, sincerity, and integrity.

3.) To be diligent and dependable in discharging my duties and at all times to uphold the law, the policies, and procedures of my employer and its clients and protect the rights of others.

4.) To observe the precepts of truth, accuracy and discretion without allowing personal feelings, prejudices, and animosities or friendships to influence my judgments or actions. 

5.) To report to my supervisor, without hesitation, any violation of the law or the regulations of my employer or its clients.

6.) To preserve my employer and their client's confidence in my judgments and actions under any and all lawful conditions.

7.) To retain, in the strictest confidence, every facet of my employer or its client's interest from all inquiries by third parties, especially in matters involving notoriety or publicity, except where those interest are contrary to law or this Code of Ethics.

8.) To cooperate with all recognized and responsible law enforcement and government agencies in matters within the scope of their proper authority. 

9.) To accept no additional compensation, commission, gratuity, or other advantage without the knowledge and consent of my employer.

10.) To conduct myself professionally at all times and to perform my duties in the manner that demonstrates the professionalism of my employer, its clients, the private security profession, and me. 

11.) To encourage the professional and ethical conduct of fellow employees at all times and to report transgressions and violations to my employer.

12.) To strive continually to improve my performance by seeking training and educational opportunities that will better prepare me for my security duties.