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Personal Protection Services to the NINE
Professional Security Officers / Private Investigation Personal Protection / Process Server SCH6364  
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Let us know what you want protected and PPS IX will show you commitment and loyalty!  Cost? 100% = 120% service.


Assest Protection

  • Corporate
  • Automotive
  • Church
  • Home Owner Association
  • Personal needs (One hour to 24x7)
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • On Vacation? Call PPSIX

Company Assets:


Company assets are intended to be used only to advance your Company’s business purposes and goals. Company assets should be safeguarded and used for Company business only, except for limited personal use that does not interfere with our Company’s business and is otherwise in compliance with all applicable Company policies. This includes protection of our Company’s physical assets, such as office facilities, furniture, equipment and supplies, information systems and other technology assets, intellectual property rights and confidential information.

    1. Controls the unexplained loss of merchandise and improves profitability
    2. Coordinates, completes, and oversees job-related activities and assignments for asset protection
    3. Detects, deters, investigates, and resolves violations of company policies and criminal activities
    4. Ensures compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
    5. Manages facility level training and execution of asset protection and safety functions
    6. Monitors safety and risk controls within a facility
    7. Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates