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Personal Protection Services to the NINE
Professional Security Officers / Private Investigation
Personal Protection / Process Server SCH6364  / NEW License Plate Recognition System (LPR)
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Let us know what you want protected and PPS IX will show you commitment and loyalty!  Cost? 100% = 120% service.

"The only shame in a job, is not having one - the only shame in having one is not doing it well"



Read this before applying – very important!


Honesty – Integrity – Ethical – Loyalty – Realist – Bravery – Intelligence – Mature – Trust…

These “WORDS” mean nothing to PPSIX – only the actions. Before applying to PPSIX – you must know we are going to exercise these actions, and it only takes one non-action to be removed from post.

PPSIX is NOT a social club – we not only go the “extra mile” for our clients, but for each other. No – we are not a social club, but we are a “Brother/Sister” hood.

Our goals are to develop a client list that will be as loyal to PPSIX as we plan on being to their organization. . Here are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before you apply here:

1)        Am I willing to work a couple of hours past my shift if needed – just because I feel it is needed?

2)        If I know a fellow Officer has violated an “Action” – can you – will you bring it to the attention of management? (If not and it is                known – action will be two-fold)

3)        Can I OWN my post? (Note: Ex-military; the 5The general order – will be a rule and post order)

4)        If the client personally asks you to help out in a way that is not your job, but within your ability – and legal – will you help?

5)        What can I do to impress the client?


  •           Military Experience (Vets)
  •           Police Officers / Experience (Vets)
  •           Licensed Level III
  •           Licensed PPO
  •           MMPI State Registered
  •           Physically Fit
  •           Ability to protect yourself and others
  •           Professional Appearance
  •            All Applicants will be considered

Looking For:

  • Personal Protection Officers (Level IV)
  • Private Investigators
  • Custom Protection Officers (Level II)
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • General Office Managers

How to apply:

FAX: 972-767-7193


  Click here, and send your cover letter and resume or request an application (Questions Welcomed)

Or Send to:

2300 McDermott Rd, Suite 200-109, Plano, Texas 75025

Attn: Kenneth Wyatt