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Let us know what you want protected and PPS IX will show you commitment and loyalty!  Cost? 100% = 120% service.

"The only shame in a job, is not having one - the only shame in having one is not doing it well"


NEW POSTED 06/21/2017 - Program starts 2nd week July



PPS IX Security is hiring Top Security Officers for the Grid project:


  • ·         The GRID App is the reinvention of the way the entire marketplace locates contracts & pays for private security guard services.
  • ·         Technology has met Safety and Security in The GRID, now any business or citizen can request & contract an Armed or Un-Armed
  • Private security response to their location On-Demand or via our automated scheduling tool.
  • ·         The GRID hosts a multi-use GRID User portal that has advanced connectivity to your entire network and maintains all analytical data relevant to your GRID history.
  • ·         YOU Choose the assignments


Who is PPS IX Looking for?


1.       Military or Military Vets

2.       Police or Police Vets

3.       Firemen or Firemen Vets

4.       EMT or EMT vets

5.       Security Officers with over 5 years of experience (We expect 2 years – but must go through training and probation)


The Grid (The Uber of the Security World):


Ø  you use your phone to except or reject assignments

Ø  Pay is a flat $15.00 an hour (The State of Texas, will take it’s share)

Ø  One training meeting to show you how to use the App and a Q&A session (There will be only one session a month and this is also your interview)

Ø  You will fill out your package at the session – bring all certificates, pocket cards, etc.….

Ø  Your Uniform will be given to you at the Session. (Note: The uniform consist of two shirts (Wear your own black pant) / Shield (A name tag will be mailed to you)

Ø  You must have your own weapon, and duty belt (PPS IX will supply other equipment if needed)

Ø  Pay every week (Friday)

Ø  If you qualify full time (Health / unemployment / workers comp – insurance)


*** Note: in this program – three mistakes and you are permanently removed - Not in the control of PPS IX  ***


Send Resume / Questions to Kevin.Thomas@ppsix.com or deshantraharper@gmail.com




Read this before applying – very important!


Honesty – Integrity – Ethical – Loyalty – Realist – Bravery – Intelligence – Mature – Trust…

These “WORDS” mean nothing to PPSIX – only the actions. Before applying to PPSIX – you must know we are going to exercise these actions, and it only takes one non-action to be removed from post.

PPSIX is NOT a social club – we not only go the “extra mile” for our clients, but for each other. No – we are not a social club, but we are a “Brother/Sister” hood.

Our goals are to develop a client list that will be as loyal to PPSIX as we plan on being to their organization. . Here are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before you apply here:

1)        Am I willing to work a couple of hours past my shift if needed – just because I feel it is needed?

2)        If I know a fellow Officer has violated an “Action” – can you – will you bring it to the attention of management? (If not and it is                known – action will be two-fold)

3)        Can I OWN my post? (Note: Ex-military; the 5The general order – will be a rule and post order)

4)        If the client personally asks you to help out in a way that is not your job, but within your ability – and legal – will you help?

5)        What can I do to impress the client?


  •           Military Experience (Vets)
  •           Police Officers / Experience (Vets)
  •           Licensed Level III
  •           Licensed PPO
  •           MMPI State Registered
  •           Physically Fit
  •           Ability to protect yourself and others
  •           Professional Appearance
  •            All Applicants will be considered

Looking For:

  • Personal Protection Officers (Level IV)
  • Private Investigators
  • Custom Protection Officers (Level II)
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • General Office Managers

How to apply:

FAX: 972-767-7193


  Click here, and send your cover letter and resume or request an application (Questions Welcomed)

Or Send to:

2300 McDermott Rd, Suite 200-109, Plano, Texas 75025

Attn: Kenneth Wyatt